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Uncontained Relationships

As we ramp up for another summer camp season here in this beautiful place, your generosity to this ministry we share will transform lives for campers and counselors like Isaac Nehring.

“I remember going to family camp at a very young age, then Tween, Middle, and Senior High,” Isaac shared. “I worshipped at St. Paul in Helena and the family at Flathead spilled over into my church. They encouraged me to stay connected to FLUMC.”

When Isaac began his first year as a counselor, he hoped he was equipped and ready to give campers the same wonderful experiences he had as a camper here. “Camp is absolutely an escape from everywhere else. It is purely joyful. I could be myself. I built relationships in a week that are much deeper than those with people I have known for years and years. Camp relationships aren’t contained at camp after you leave. They are lifelong, and because of camp, I know how to build deeper relationships in other places. Camp is so special and meaningful to me, and I wanted to give that to my campers. The training I received to lead campers included learning the ins and outs of planning, communicating, and executing activities. I learned how to build better relationships. Those skills are what helped me replicate the amazing experiences I had as a camper.”

Today, Isaac is a student at Stanford University in CA. He leaned into his camp experience in his admissions essay. He is using the skills he learned to be a camp leader in his community there. He is also grateful for the generosity of those who came before and who continue to support the camp. “The piece of land that camp is on is a really important part of camp – the beautiful lake, the mountains in the background, the perfect campfire ring. It is holy ground and a spiritual experience to be there. In recent years I have come to learn how much work goes into helping modernize it and make it accessible while keeping it sort of locked in time as the same camp I have always known. It makes me feel hope for the future of camp.”

As we prepare to welcome counselors like Isaac and campers who will also grow to love this place the way he does, we invite you to join those who have come before in making a Back to Camp gift of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or even $1000 or more to support the work we do of training up leaders like Isaac who carry on our tradition of transforming lives for our campers. Your generosity will be used to provide the training, activities, and community described so well by Isaac. Thank you in advance for your love and support of Flathead Lake Camp.

In Christ,

Carole Scheer Brandon Scheer

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